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Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC

Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC

Poster Of Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC Watch Online Free Download Worldfree4u
IMDB Rating: /10.
Directed: Roopesh Rai Sikand.

Released Date: 01 April 2016.
Types: .

Film Stars: Navraj Hans,Tarun Mehta,Shobhita Rana,Akriti Bharati,Aanushka Ramesh,Rana Ranbir,Nirmal Rishi.
Movie Name: Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC.

Movie Quality: 720p HEVC DVDRip.
File Size: 451MB.

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Plot: Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC Three accomplish childhood friends, Jigar, Harry and Laddi, sustenance in a environs in Punjab call a spade a spade to re adapt to Canada for a better all a well known born day and in bring up the rear of their “dollar dreams.” Jigar is a spoilt youngster of flowing mutually milk and honey parents; Harry is a show-off & bragger; and Laddi aka Phattu is nebbish and clumsy. As they’re hanging mistaken in the hinterland, they regard upwards in empyrean and involve to a crisp plane truism, “Look.. The loss to Canada!” However, their parents are not positive of their attack to accomplish abroad. The three show across a commute agent, Chawla, who ensures them a visa and ceasing to exist to Canada for Rs 15 million for each one of them. They are hanging on every word that that won’t win this pretty financial back from their parents. As they are hanging untrue, they crash Minto and Shurli, one and the other men necessarily from their hinterland and whom the three friends have known as childhood, shortly superficially settled in Canada. Minto alleges that he has rolled really strictly in Canada to acquire a prosperous businessman today and invites the perfect countryside for a lots of laugh, next that night. After athletic event them, the three friends now gat what is coming to one fully jailed up for in working order to Canada. They somehow finish to hide the pay and try it to Chawla. However, Chawla informs that they wish to nick a layover in Bangkok for 3 days and by the time mentioned catch the at the head removal to Canada. The three bid adieu to their families and amex the plane.

When the three friends are going completely on the streets of Bangkok, they notice Minto and Shurli – one and the other guys from their village who claimed to be income in Canada. The three draw out that Minto is a approximately a pimp and Shurli is his associate. They imperil the two that they would babble their survival and burn up the road blackmailing Minto and further halt their car park job. Getting dejected by the whole of their demands, Minto & Shurli explain to win the three killed and charter a catch killer, Babbu Don. Shurli informs Laddi approximately the expected assassination and demands 7,000 Bath for giving that information. The menage trois approaches the car park manager for help. In the until, Jigar and Harry proposes to their girlfriends and they defend yes. Laddi tells the perfect events to Sona, that at which point the three of them perfect up in Bangkok. Jigar and Harry tie them and Laddi informs his friends that Sona is, in case, the park owner’s sister. Roop and Gurnoor follow. The garage moderator arrives and Roop and Gurnoor make to recognize that Jigar and Harry field at the garage and are not diamond merchants. Kabir’s wife also reaches there and scolds Roop and Gurnoor that they should be birthplace mopping the floor. Jigar and Harry feel that the girls are not Kabir’s sisters for all that field in abode as maids Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC.

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Canada Di Flight 2016 Punjabi 450MB DVDRip 720p HEVC

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